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Planning For Your Mission Humanitaire Trips!

If you are thinking of traveling abroad for pursuing some social activity, you should study about the mission humanitaire. You will be able to grab the chance of moving to a new country without much difficulty with the laws of that particular place. Enjoy tourist activities and also know their tradition. You will have the rights to travel to different places if you pick on such projects. This will be difficult to pursue otherwise. The best is to get the same volunteered through an organized plan. Once you have researched properly, you will be able to make a proper plan. It is the project for a humanitarian cause that will help you achieve your target of helping underprivileged people.

Mentioned are some steps which you should take just to simplify your voyage humanitarie.

Discover the organization:

There are many non-profit organizations working to help people who are in need. They need volunteers to support mission humanitaire Afrique through different welfare projects. The volunteers are given the work to provide basic necessities and services to the public when there are any natural calamities in any part of the world. The organizations work with a set goal and on certain terms that are to be followed by each of the members. The time duration depends on the type of work that is allotted to you. Look out for the one which is good and you can work for them. Get references from trustworthy people or search online to get some good names on your list.

Opt for a good cause:

You can search for the categories available to be a part of the organization. There are many projects like environmental, healthcare and much more. You can visit the place to deliver some literary seminar on business or educational topics. You will come across too many volunteers for mission humanitarie Afrique who can be involved in different activities. Such projects are meant for meaningful interactions with the local people of that area and exchange some cultural beliefs. Know the project well and also its requirements. You can then know what you are interested in and accordingly work for the projects and pick one for yourself.

Complete the paperwork with precision:

When you are all set with the proper information of the project, you have to start with the required documentation for mission humanitaire. You will require proper Visa and also a sponsor letter to visit the country. The government-issued passport of that nation gives you the permission to stay there for a specified duration and complete the work. Visitors also have to carry a health-insurance with them while they stay abroad. You will have to know this all and get all the work for documentation done before you leave. The organization with which you are tied up should be able to guide you in this process.

Tips to Save Money: Business Travel At Economical Prices

A common nature that humans possess is to save money wherever possible. Even if we are earning more than enough and are living life more comfortably than we imagined, we still continuously feel the need to save as much as we possibly can. This human nature can never be changed even if we try our level best.

We spend quite a lot when we are travelling especially by flights because they burn huge holes in our pockets and we can never help it much because the travel is business related and we can’t possibly think of skipping it. The maximum we can do is to make use of some smart tips and tricks in order to minimize our expenditure on tickets and somehow manage to experience Business Travel at Economical Prices.

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Your Expenditure on Tickets

We have a few extremely smart tips and tricks in store for you which will certainly stitch back those holes in your pockets. By applying these tricks, you will be able to grab the experience of business
travel at just the rates of economical travel.

You can merely book round trip tickets in one go rather than booking one way tickets. Round trip tickets cost you lesser than one way tickets, thus reducing your expenditure. To further reduce you spending, it is advisable that you go for the same airline for both way travel. By picking the same airline for the round trip, you will be able to entitle yourself to small discounts provided by the airline itself or the website you are booking the tickets from.

Another smart tips and tricks, you can also avail massive discounts by applying for Cleartrip Coupons which further help in enhancing your travel experience in just the budget you have. These coupons will entitle you discounts you’ve never seen before and you will be able to complete your business and get rid of your business-related worries easier than you ever could before.

Other than these to save some moolah is to pick out airlines that travel to secondary airports rather than the main airports. Airlines that travel to the main airports located in the most important cities charge quite more than what airline flying to the secondary airports do. Although traveling to secondary airports can end up increasing the distance between you and your destination and you might take up longer time to get where you were supposed t in the first place.

Musafir Flight Offers will always help you avail more discounts that you have got to see to believe. By simply applying the tricks mentioned above and then these coupons, we ensure you that you will definitely be able to grab yourself an amazing deal which will let you travel in the business class only by spending as much as you do for the economical travel.

Not Just for Germophobes | Hotel Survival Kit

The Bittersweet Hotel Experience

as Summer Comes to an End

Labor Day weekend. Summer fades. Fall whispers hello. This is the last hurrah of summer magic as the sun, sand and camaraderie of friends and family rule the day. Gathering together to enjoy every single moment of all summery good things. Sandy toes, windswept hair, tingling sun kissed skin, smoky beach fires, burnt marshmallows and divine moments that become memories.

But this article is about the “other” vacation moments. It’s about tiny little free loaders like germs, parasites and bed bugs that love to hang out and share everything –  including your beautiful hotel room. These guys, they love to share. So, just how clean do you think your hotel room is when you plunk down your suitcases and champagne cooler?

Before We Go There

Think Survival, in a Modern, Enlightened Kind of Way

Here’s What

We like to call it the “Hotel Survival Kit”.

Get a Shoebox – pack these things – Ok, Maybe an oversized Shoebox.

Bed Bug Killer Spray
Hand Sanitizer
Antibacterial Hand Soap
Disposable Sanitizer Hand Towels
Socks or Slippers
Flip Flops
Drinking Glasses
Here’s Why

Hotel Housekeeping – Keeping it Real

The hotel room looks great. But, how clean is clean? Housekeeping does a bang up job, but they have their limitations.

Due to quotas and pressure to get rooms cleaned quickly, not all hotel rooms are thoroughly cleaned. It’s just a fact of life. There is only so much housekeeping can do, especially when some guests are unusually, unnecessarily, deliberately and flagrantly messy. Plus, not all housekeeping staff are exactly cleaning angels.

Let’s just say some unorthodox shortcuts have been studied and documented that would make your hair stand on end. Let’s just leave it at that. The possibility of these two elements combined is a recipe for a germ infested hotel room disaster. Studies also show that the cost of a hotel room directly affects the cleanliness quotient of the room. Hmmm. Imagine that.

There’s Also the Sheer Number of People Traveling

Here are the number of people who traveled to the United States in 2016 according to U.S. Travel Association:

U.S. domestic travel increased 1.2 percent from 2015 to a total of more than 2.2 billion person-trips in 2016.
International inbound travelers, including visitors from overseas, Canada and Mexico are estimated to have made 75.6 million visits to the United States in 2016.
The sheer number of people who travel should be incentive enough to think about those who have stayed in “your” hotel room. Not to be an alarmist but it isn’t just the room you are sharing. Microbes, germs, parasites and tiniest bugs that travelers leave behind can be there, in your hotel room, waiting in silence. It’s also important to remember that infections that might be found in the U.S. population do not include some of the infections that are introduced by foreign, sometimes, third-world travelers.

So, how is the issue of germs, microbes, and parasites dealt with in a hotel? On average, hotel housekeepers spend about 30 minutes cleaning each room, a range of 14 to 16 rooms in an eight eight-hour day. Thirty minutes is just not enough time to cover all bases. In essence, your vacation should not mean good health and hygiene is being compromised because of cleaning norms in a hotel.

The Dirt on Germs in a Hotel Room

Germs. Predictably you can expect high levels of bacteria in hotel bathroom sinks and floors. But the dirtiest areas are light switches and TV remotes, with light switches having the highest levels of fecal matter bacteria. That’s a cringe worthy thought. Remember that inanimate objects like door knobs, table tops, light switches, TV remote controls are able to transmit infectious agents when they become contaminated.

Study after study verifies that the TV remote control is one of the least-cleaned objects in a hotel room and germs accumulate on its surface. Many travelers bring along a plastic baggie to encase the germ laden piece of plastic and never touch the thing. But a good sanitizer used on other objects in the room will also do the trick.

Remember that inanimate objects like door knobs, table tops, light switches, TV remote controls are able to transmit infectious agents when they become contaminated. Study after study verifies that the tv remote control is one of the least-cleaned objects in a hotel room and germs accumulate on its surface. Many travelers bring along a plastic baggie to encase the germ laden piece of plastic and never touch the thing. But a good sanitizer used on other objects in the room will also do the trick.

Another thought to make your day – cleaning items that are used by housekeepers like sponges and mops have high levels of bacteria which increase the risk of infection as they go from room to room using the same sanitizing equipment. So, just bring your own sanitizer and avoid the possibility that you’ll curate mysophobia (fear of germs) as a lifestyle.

Hotel Practical Matters

Germs in Your Hotel Room and Where They Live

High Touch Areas. You don’t have to be a germophobe to acknowledge the realities of germs and cross contamination issues in your hotel room, you just have to be practical. Not all viruses and bacteria can live for extended periods of time on contaminated surfaces but a limited list of common infections that can spread by incorrect hygiene practices in a hotel room include cold, influenza, rotavirus, norovirus, E.coli, Hepatitis A, staph infection and Streptococcus.

Don’t cancel your vacation. There’s an easy fix for this. Again, it’s called sanitizer. Spartan Hepacide Quat II RTU is a professional grade sanitizer that costs less than $3.00. Available to the public, this sanitizer is the first quart-based versatile disinfectant spray with EPA registered Hepatitis claims. So the question is, why wouldn’t you bring along a professional grade sanitizer that means business? 

Hotel Beds & Bedding

Bedspreads. Whatever you think might be living on the hotel bedspread, you are probably right. Logistically, washing and sanitizing the bedspread after each hotel guest is a pipe dream. Remove the bed spread. Don’t use it. While it is true that many hotels now incorporate the use of duvet covers that are laundered along with other bedding and linens, the comforter itself is not cleaned. Keep that in mind.

Again, sanitizing is not a bad idea. You may not want to spray the linen directly, but a mist in the air that settles within the room is a good option. Spartan SparSan Q Disinfectant is an ace product for this purpose.

The Uncomfortable Subject of Bed Bugs

in Your Hotel Room

Bed bugs. Following World War II Bedbugs were virtually eradicated in the United States. They are back, with a vengeance. If you contract them in your hotel room, it is highly likely that you will carry them back to your home, not to mention the very unpleasant experience of being bitten by bed bugs. (Ask me how I know.) Please remember the cost of the hotel room is insignificant. Bed bugs can travel anywhere and they do not discriminate.

If you really want to investigate their presence in your hotel room, you can initiate the tribal like ritual by pulling sheets, looking for residue, bringing a flashlight to find them and search for apple seed size buggers.

Or, you can carry along Bed Bug Killer, spray it as directed, go have a cocktail and sleep easy. Bed Bug and Lice Killer by Spartan is a fairly new product that’s portable, economical and effective. It’s also used by many hotels and available to the public. For $6.50, why wouldn’t you pack this miracle purple spray can of security?

Got that?

To summarize, in addition to sanitizer for the room, linens, and bed bug killer bring along these items to make your vacation memorable for all the right reasons.

Hand sanitizer – Using hand sanitizer before and after interacting with high touch areas in a hotel room is a practical way to keep germs at bay for the duration of your stay.
Antibacterial Hand Soap – Don’t take a vacation from hand hygiene, 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. This is an especially relevant fact while on vacation.
Disposable Sanitizer Hand Towels – They’re just nice to have around for everyday use without reusing hotel guest towels. Super for a quick clean up after indulging in room service for fingers and room surfaces.
Socks or slippers – It’s smart to always wear socks or slippers around in a hotel room. Carpet. Who knows?
Flip flops – Wear flip flops in the shower to avoid any chance of contracting athlete’s foot … p.s. don’t use the whirlpool tub. In a hotel, the pipes leading to the whirlpool tub are generally not flushed with bleach to kill germs.
Drinking glasses – You don’t want to know why. Just bring along your own if you can.
All journeys have secret destinations
of which the traveler is unaware.

Favorite Ideas For Healthy Eating On The Road

What products to take with you while traveling on the road so that your travel will be not only informative, but also tasty and healthy?

Food on the road has to be convenient: when we say that we mean that it should be convenient to eat, convenient to transport and, of course, convenient to store. Therefore, first of all, we will define the main qualities of road products.

Products shouldn’t be bulky and too heavy.

Otherwise, while on a road you will be connected not with pleasant impressions of a travel, but with the cares that nothing from products has fallen anywhere and has soiled something of your stuff.

Food shouldn’t be perishable

Perfect meal on the road has to be of such quality that it would be possible to store it long time without refrigerator. Food shouldn’t thaw in the sun. Plus, it has to be simple in cooking, with no additional preparation required. Try to prepare everything in advance.

Principle of two “no”

“No” – to pungent smells, “no” – to garbage. You shouldn’t stock up to the road with food with strong smells even if you like them a lot. Approximately in two hours all smells will start irritating you. Besides, you shouldn’t also forget about fellow travelers.

Food that leaves a lot of crumbs and additional packing, is not the most successful option while traveling on the road, especially if you travel by car.

It seems that there is no food which would meet all these requirements. But this is not like this. Almost all products can be taken on the road, all you need to need to know is how they should be preparing to take on the road.

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables is an ideal option not only for a main course to the road, but also for having a snack. The cut carrots, apples, sweet pepper straws are very useful and serve as a perfect alternative to all snacks in the form of chips, sunflower seeds and crackers. It is better not to take fruit entirely because they very heavy – it’s better to cut them up and take with you as an afternoon snack. It diversifies your road diet.

It is better to cut various vegetable and salads and put them into tight containers. To make a road crude vegetables lunch tastier, prepare some simple sauces which will be very convenient for taking with you in small plastic sauce boats. Vegetables are good not only in the form of salads – vegetable fritters and zucchini, pumpkin, carrots and potatoes cutlets are perfect when even not warmed.


Sandwiches are, perhaps, the most popular meals on the road. It is possible to prepare them using vegetables, or meat, fish and , of course, cheeses. Sauces, seasonings, any greens –you can add anything according to your imagination. It is better to use brown bread, with bran – it less high-calorie also not so strongly differs in taste from white, than, say, rye.

For those who are who categorically against high-calorie bread, we recommend thin flat cakes (for example, a lavash) which you can use for wrapping stuffing. Beaters by the way very convenient – they are not less nourishing, than the same sandwiches, but they are much more commode in consumption.

Why a Travel Agent is a Traveler’s Friend

The travel industry is changing rapidly – especially with the Internet easily accessible from practically any point in the world. A lot of travelers have decided to book flights, hotels, and tours by themselves. Some were pleased by being able to do everything independent of travel agencies, and some were not satisfied with arranging travel on their own. Today we are going to cover the most important issues for any traveler to consider when deciding whether to use the services of a travel advisor or to plan their own trip

When you are thinking about a future trip, you imagine it a certain way. You want to get particular emotions, experience specific activities, and have positive feelings and memories when you return home. Imagine that you had followed advice from the Internet or the suggestions of some friends, but your emotions at the end of a trip were not as bright and favorable as you had hoped they would be.

Why did it happen? You seemed to gather enough information, prepare wisely and be 100% ready for your trip. The answer is simple: people are different and so are their tastes and preferences. You could never be sure that the hotels, resorts, and activities that your friends suggested would also be good for you.

You may have different aims and goals for your travel; you may like different activities, be fond or not of sightseeing, shopping, museums, or sports. Or you can simply have different values: one person will put accommodations first on their “list of travel issues,” and another one doesn’t care much about the conditions s/he lives in – but adores tours, diverse activities, and nightlife.

How to choose smoothly and find the best variant for your future trip?

The answer is simple: ask someone who has traveled to a particular destination dozens of times and knows PRECISELY about various activities, accommodations, transfers, and tours in the chosen destination. It is hard, however, to find such a person –especially one who has recently been to the preferred location and knows the latest trends and news from there.

If you succeed in finding this person – how lucky you are! But if you don’t – you can just ask for advice from a travel agent. They will understand the type of traveler you are and give you the most current, useful, and specific suggestions.

He or she will plan your trip in the best possible way. Travel advisors do not just arrange a trip by booking flights, hotels, and tours; they know everything about your travel and almost go with you, constantly asking for feedback and sharing your emotions.

If you want your trip to be ideal – ask a professional Travel Advisor for help. This person will become your friend and make your travel perfect.

4 Features of a Reliable Immigration Services Consultant

With its wide range of natural wonders and lively cities, it is no wonder why Australia attracts thousands of tourists and visitors each year. A visit to Australia usually starts by obtaining a visa. This crucial step determines whether you will have permission to set foot on Australian soil. While it is possible to obtain a visa by yourself, many people want to avoid the delays and potential costs by employing an agent or consultant. Unfortunately, not all agents offer a high standard of service, so here are four features to look for in a reliable service provider.

MARA Approval:
Only agents registered with MARA or the Migration Agent Registration Authority are permitted to provide immigration services including managing your visa application. This government office has authority to regulate the Australian migration services industry and provides approved agents with a registration number. In order to retain their registration, the agents need to adhere to the MARA regulatory processes. So, before consulting with a service provider, be sure to ask for their MARA number to confirm they are registered.

Genuine Contact Details and Offices:
Your personal documents, which are a vital element of your visa application need to be handled in a secure location. Your chosen agent or company should have a registered address, even if their office is at their home. The contact details should also be clearly listed.

Don’t Make Outrageous Claims:
No migration agent or consultant can guarantee that you will obtain a visa or be able to issue one. There are some agents that make outlandish claims, but reliable service providers tend to only provide you with insight into the application process and offer to help you to prepare and lodge your application. If a service provider is making claims about inside connections with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or that they can provide VIP treatment should be given a wide berth.

Reasonable Fees:
Most companies offer free eligibility assessments, and you should be wary of companies who insist on upfront payments before they conduct any initial evaluations. Additionally, your agent should not charge additional fees to speed up the process or take shortcuts. Remember that visas have specific requirements and are not likely to be approved overnight.

If you are in need of immigration agents, Perth based 888 Migration is ready to help you. Our team of advisers is ready to assist you with any questions you may have about immigration services, Australia visa requirements or the application process. We would be delighted to provide you with immigration services you can rely on.

Factors to Consider Before Your Partner Visa is Approved

Australia has amazing landscapes, diverse wildlife and some of the best beaches in the world. However, before you move here to be with your fiance or partner, you need to be aware that it can be a little bit of a culture shock. So, here are some factors to consider before you go through the application process and have your visa approved.

There is a Strong Coffee Culture:
Australians tend to take their coffee very seriously. In fact, that the coffee industry is so large in Australia that Starbucks was forced to shut down. This American coffee giant closed 70 percent of their operations back in 2008 because of the fierce competition from the local businesses. Although this won’t affect your partner visa application, this strong coffee culture may take a little getting used to.

We Also Love Our Booze:
Just like our British cousins, Australians enjoy a drink, and it is also part of our culture. You are likely to find a liquor store on every commercial street, and you will be offered a drink in every restaurant. If you enjoy artisanal products, you will also find that we have an impressive selection of locally brewed craft beers and distilled alcohol.

You’ll Still Find Snow:
One of the things that many ex-pats worry about is that they will never see snow again after they move to Australia. However, this is not the case. While we do have a relatively hot climate with some fantastic beaches, there is also a lovely winter season. If you visit the Alpine region, you can still enjoy skiing and snowboarding with real snow.

You Won’t See Kangaroos Everywhere:
Although some locals do consider kangaroos to be a pest, they aren’t everywhere. You won’t see a kangaroo hopping down the street in a big city. If you do want to see kangaroos, you will find them in wild areas or zoos.

We Don’t Use American English:
Something you will discover during the application for your partner visa is that we don’t use American English here. Australian English is closer to British spelling, but we do have our own slang. If you want to feel completely at home, you may need to spend some time getting the hang of the local jargon.

Tipping is Not Mandatory:
Unlike in the US or the UK, Australians don’t really tip service providers. The main reason is that Australia has the world’s highest minimum wage, which means that waiters and other service providers don’t rely on tips for a living wage.

If you are considering applying for a partner visa, you should speak to us. The 888 Migration agents are ready to answer all your questions about applying for a partner visa, Australia visa requirements, and the overall application process.

Is an 820 Visa the Correct Option for Same Sex Partners

Before 2009, if you wanted to live with your same sex partner in Australia, you would have needed to apply for an interdependency visa. However, the new Equal Treatment Commonwealth Laws, in particular, the Same Sex Relationships Act of 2008 eliminated the need for this subclass. The legislation changes were designed to ensure no discrimination between heterosexual de facto and same sex de facto relationships within migration law. This means that people in a same sex relationship now have the entitlement to apply for an 820 or another type of partner visa.

The Criteria for an 820 Visa:
In order to apply for an 820 visa, you must meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection criteria. This includes;
You must have been in a de facto relationship for at least twelve months with your relationship before applying. Applicants must be over the age of eighteen and meet the character and health requirements. Additionally, you need to show evidence of a “social context” of your relationship and joint finances. Finally, you need to demonstrate a commitment to each other even if there are periods of separation.
Since civil unions and same sex marriages are not recognised by Australian law, regardless of your status back home, you need to meet the Government requirements here.

There are some exceptions when applying for an 820 or temporary partner visa. Depending on where you are based, it may be a possibility that you could register your relationship formally. The rules for relationship registrations vary in different states and territories. It is not available in every Australian state, so you would need to check with your migration agent to see if this is a possible option.
In cases where there is a demonstration of “compelling and compassionate circumstances,” the twelve month rule may be waived. An example is if you and your partner have shared guardianship of a child. Another example is if your home country laws prohibit same sex or other de facto relationships, making it impossible to live together before your application. Each situation is assessed on a case by case basis to determine if they are exempt, but the most straightforward applications are where you can meet the full requirement.

Partner visas tend to be costly and complex. In recent years the fees have increased significantly, which highlights the need to submit an accurate and watertight application. To avoid excessive fees and charges, it is important that you get it right first time. So, if you are unsure about your visa options or eligibility, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a registered migration agent. If you are considering applying for an 820 visa, Australia applicants should speak to us. The team at 888 Migration would be happy to discuss your case and provide our expertise and advice.

In Demand Industries For Your Australian Employment Visa

According to Australian government data, there are thousands of job vacancies in the marketplace. It is estimated that there could be as many as 200,000 vacancies when we consider offline job advertisements and those positions advertised in print media. The strong economic run is expected to continue throughout the year, translating into a healthier job market. So, if you are considering obtaining a visa, you should be aware of the in demand industries to improve your chances of being approved.

According to SEEK data, over the last few years teaching has seen an increase in demand by 112 percent. This is particularly the case in special needs or primary school teaching roles. This has also impacted the financial benefits, as average salaries have increased by eight percent over the year or two. Since the demand is currently not being met, if you have teaching credentials, it increases your chance of gaining approval for an employment visa.

There has been a record growth of 62 percent within the design and architecture segment. This unprecedented growth has meant that there is intense competition between different firms in the industry. Experienced designers and architects can expect sizeable advantages over newbies, and you are likely to find that there are even more opportunities for employer sponsored visas.

The construction industry in various areas of the country including Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney are currently experiencing a record boom. There is also an increase in demand for construction employees in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. This means that for those with construction skills, experience, and qualifications, there is massive potential for job opportunities. Whether you are a construction manager, assistant or even labourer, you are in great demand, particularly in these six cities.

Health and Safety Professionals:
A consequence of the construction boom is that there is a greater demand for health and safety professionals. The construction industry cannot exist without health and safety teams, as the government has strict requirements for public and employee safety around construction operations. While the construction industry is remaining strong, there will be a demand for those with WHS and OHS skills.

Digital Marketing:
The entertainment and media market in Australia is predicted to grow to $47 billion by 2020. This is a massive annual growth rate of 4.1 percent and will mean that more and more firms will be increasing their online advertising budget. In order to efficiently convert their spending into visible results, they will need the help of digital marketers. This will increase the demand for web developers, designers, SEO analysts, and copywriters.

If you are considering applying for an employment visa, Australia immigration experts 888 Migration can help. Our team of advisors would be happy to discuss the various employment visa options and help you to lodge your application.

Selecting a Rental Car or Your Own Car for a Long Road Trip

For most people, the holidays mean spending time with family and friends. And with the holidays around the corner, it’s time plan something special with loved ones. Whether you intend to go on a long trip with them, or intend to travel a long distance by road just to be with them, you would want the trip to be a happy one.

If you’re contemplating whether or not to take your own car and make that extra long journey, you need to consider a lot of things before taking a decision. No matter what type of trip you plan, selecting a rental car or sticking to your own car can make a lot of difference.

Here are a few things that you should reflect on before deciding.
1. Car Condition

If you’re going to take your own car on the trip, you’ll have to get it thoroughly checked a week or two in advance. You’ll also have to spend money on your car in case it isn’t fit for a long journey. If your car is quite old, it’s advisable to avoid subjecting it to the stress of a long trip.

Most rental companies have a fleet of new cars that you can choose from. By booking a new car on rent for your trip, you can relax knowing that you’re getting a reliable car. Moreover, you won’t be adding extra miles to your car which will save you from future car-related expenses.

2. Maintenance Costs

If your car breaks down at any time during the trip, you’ll have to bear all the costs involved in getting your car running again. With a rental car, you won’t have to worry about these costs.

If your rental car breaks down, all you have to do is inform the car rental company about the problem and they’ll promptly sort it out for you by repairing the car or giving you a replacement.

Keep in mind that if you happen to damage the car in any way, you’ll have to bear the charges related to repair. Of course, you’ll have to pay for repairs even if you damage your own car during the trip.

3. Splitting Travel Costs

Things to Consider before Selecting a Rental Car or Your Own Car for a Long Road Trip

If you’re going on a trip in a rented car with a group of friends, you can split the rental costs among yourselves. As per head cost will decrease substantially, the trip won’t be a burden to anybody.

If you’re taking your own car, you can only split the cost of gasoline. But as mentioned previously, your car will experience significant amount of wear and tear. Not only will you have to pay for your car’s upkeep, but also repairs in case you happen to damage it during the trip.

4. Fuel Economy

Your old car probably won’t give you a good mileage. This could raise fuel costs to a large extent. By hiring a relatively new car, you’re sure to get good mileage.

Furthermore, you might have a car that doesn’t give good mileage on highways or on city roads. By opting for a rental car, you can choose a car that gives optimum mileage depending on the type of your trip.

5. Freedom of Choice

As mentioned in the previous point, by opting to hire a car, you get to select a car that will give you the best mileage. If you have a large-sized car, you may want to leave it at home in favor of a rented compact-sized car to get better mileage.

On the other hand, if you have a small-sized car but want to take a trip with your whole family, you have the liberty of choosing a car that is the perfect size for you and your loved ones.

Additionally, your car might not be able to work efficiently on difficult terrain or you might not want your car to get dirty. As such, renting a car is a favorable option if you want an SUV to go to hilly areas or drive on muddy tracks, or if you want a campervan to go on a special camping trip.

By not having the right car, you could get into trouble. You may also have to let go of your dream of going on a trip with all your loved ones in one vehicle. And what fun would camping be if you couldn’t take all your camping gear with you because it wouldn’t fit into your small car?


By taking these things into consideration, you’re sure to make the right choice between your car and a rented one.

Be open to opinions from others but remember that what works for others may or may not work for you. For some people, their own car can be the best choice for a long trip. For those who don’t have the right car, rental car companies can be a blessing.

It’s important to hire a car from a reputable rental company though as you don’t want to be cheated in any way. Also be sure to read a rental company’s policies thoroughly. You don’t want to be over-charged for simple mistakes that you could have easily avoided.

If you’re already in favor of rental cars, be sure to choose the right type of car as per your needs. By choosing to rent an appropriate car, you can be certain of having a gala time.