Australia has amazing landscapes, diverse wildlife and some of the best beaches in the world. However, before you move here to be with your fiance or partner, you need to be aware that it can be a little bit of a culture shock. So, here are some factors to consider before you go through the application process and have your visa approved.

There is a Strong Coffee Culture:
Australians tend to take their coffee very seriously. In fact, that the coffee industry is so large in Australia that Starbucks was forced to shut down. This American coffee giant closed 70 percent of their operations back in 2008 because of the fierce competition from the local businesses. Although this won’t affect your partner visa application, this strong coffee culture may take a little getting used to.

We Also Love Our Booze:
Just like our British cousins, Australians enjoy a drink, and it is also part of our culture. You are likely to find a liquor store on every commercial street, and you will be offered a drink in every restaurant. If you enjoy artisanal products, you will also find that we have an impressive selection of locally brewed craft beers and distilled alcohol.

You’ll Still Find Snow:
One of the things that many ex-pats worry about is that they will never see snow again after they move to Australia. However, this is not the case. While we do have a relatively hot climate with some fantastic beaches, there is also a lovely winter season. If you visit the Alpine region, you can still enjoy skiing and snowboarding with real snow.

You Won’t See Kangaroos Everywhere:
Although some locals do consider kangaroos to be a pest, they aren’t everywhere. You won’t see a kangaroo hopping down the street in a big city. If you do want to see kangaroos, you will find them in wild areas or zoos.

We Don’t Use American English:
Something you will discover during the application for your partner visa is that we don’t use American English here. Australian English is closer to British spelling, but we do have our own slang. If you want to feel completely at home, you may need to spend some time getting the hang of the local jargon.

Tipping is Not Mandatory:
Unlike in the US or the UK, Australians don’t really tip service providers. The main reason is that Australia has the world’s highest minimum wage, which means that waiters and other service providers don’t rely on tips for a living wage.

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